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Holistic Wellness

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Reiki is a safe simple and natural healing energy therapy for the body,mind and spirit that transmits all the Spiritual Vital Energy through the Therapist’s hands to the person’s being treated body. It is a very pleasant therapeutic system, a lot relaxing and elevating as well. The gentle touch rejuvenates the person treated in a perfect way because of the relaxtion and the stress relief that offers, the cleansing of basic negative feelings such as,insecurity,fear and hopelessness. Fills him/her up with strength,a higher understanding,harmony and balance.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

It’s the kind of technique that is used for the imidiate relief that goes deep in our emotional world and can be offering definitive discharge of painful and toxic emotions, solving sentimental kind of problems, improving physical discomfort associated with emotional loads as well as removing limiting beliefs and weakening negative thoughts that come from personal experiences.

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The kind of soft,calm therapy with the use of Crystals that aligns you with your unique personal path, while same time grounds you, cleanses and connects you with your core. Crystals a powerful and direct effect whilst smoothing as they an directly affect the body’s energy field. So, we can change the flow or overcome blockages, in order to bring the body into balance.

Bach Remedies

The 38 different Bach Remedies were found by the English Doctor Edward Bach (1886-1936) and are made from flowers of wild plants, shrubs or trees. They enhance and accelerate healing,activating the body’s ability to self-heal balancing the negative feelings, helping

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Therapeutic massage

One of the oldest and most natural healing techniques applied by man.
Massage stimulates well-being and energy, relieves pain in the body, improves posture, relieves stress and balances the nervous system, improves breathing and has a beneficial effect on the skin.

” Healing means personal fulfillment, which requires the restoration of disfunctions in the body, mind and spirit.