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Your Healing Coach


Every single person has his personal unique path to follow,

his own way of self-knowledge.

I am here to inspire you, to motivate you, to support and help you

with acceptance, love and understanding

to balance, ground yourself, cleanse emotionally and mentally,

to align by coming closer to your most personal truth and fulfilment

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About me

My name is Phyllis, free spirit,an observer,mother of two daughters,I love expressing my self through writing,drawing,singing,like learning more and more ways to liberate me from personal boxes,enjoy learning how to trust me more and more in my most beautiful and authentic way.

I am a licensed nurse. The last six years I have found my self into the Holistic aspect of Health being able to work with my passion and combine healing, in a body – mind – spirit way.

Alongside with Holistic Healing also, the last three years, have been following my other passion that has to do with touch and developed it to the point of Therapeutical Massage tailored in your needs.

I am here to give you a little boost, so you can learn how to express yourself,learn selflove and also learn to accept you as you already are and a bit of boost to embrace yourself and take you ahead,where you belong.
Through allternative Holistic therapies like Reiki , Crystaltherapy,massage,Bach Remedies,and EFT you are called to come back into your psycological,mental,body,sentimental balance leting all kind of negativity that can influence your Health out of your system. You are called to find your real self from scratch setting you free from all sort of boxes that others built for you. You are called to love yourself from scratch authentically and move ahead, full of love and harmony for your life and self,being able to lead your own path.

” Healing means personal fulfillment, which requires the restoration of dysfunctions in the body, mind and spirit.”